Friday, August 5, 2016


Here, listen to me, this is a plea,
I can't go and you cannot take it
with you. It is mine, and I demand 
by habit my keeping. I've got two 
hundred different paintings right
here to establish, and no place to
go with anything. Selling five dollar
tickets to a bonfire made of magistrates
like this could work : Avenel doesn't
know from cookies, and their fireworks
blow off all the time anyway. Anybody
who says there's a law about that is cuckoo.
I'm never abashed at the stupidity of man.
July 9th, the cops come; someone had called
nearby because the guy on the corner was
blowing massive fireworks all night long,
booming these houses from his own 
damn lawn. Cops come, a little canker-sore
of an officer comes back and says, 'I can't
do anything, but I gave him a warning. He
denies doing it, though I can see from the 
debris in the street it's all his.' So I say, well 
officer, if a law's being broken shouldn't a
citation be written? Or don't you have these
laws?' Yes, he says, we do. I'll be keeping
watch. August 4th is here. It's still going on.

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