Monday, August 1, 2016

8467. BY AND FAR

By and far this is going too 
distant, I am heading for 
Mars once again. There is 
water on this locked planet,
and I know that I have been 
here too. But anyway, and 
if it is so, what's the 
difference? Is there 
language for this
sort of thing? 
By and far, this table you
offer me I accept. I shall
just sit here for years.
Maybe this, maybe that,
you know. I'll play at
being French, and get
away with all this
loitering. I'm deep.
By and far, this table is 
too distant. But I accept it 
nonetheless, your offer  -  to 
loiter at, as if I was French. 
And deep. And, if this water 
is really from Mars, please draw 
me another glass. Do you know
the language for which I now 
search? (I want to change my 
name, and be Hidalgo).

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