Sunday, May 22, 2016


I had some things on my mind today,
but they've already disappeared. They
flew out the window while I was driving
Rt. 287. Maybe they'll come back and only
then will I recall. Whatever they were, if they
don't return I can't do them at all. This happens
a lot if I don't jot things down  -  at the moment,
in the instant  -  they come into town.
I had my dog with me today, and a family of
Indians, the South Asian kind, comes over with
their little daughter, maybe 5 or 6 years old. She
pets the dog, and is having fun. The father says
'whenever she sees a dog, she then wants one.
What kind is this, it looks like a 2 in 1.' I loved
the way he said that, meaning 'a mix.' I agreed,
'yes, I don't know, she's of mixed breed.'
Serendipitous stuff stays with me; sometimes
startling and other times just odd. Yesterday as
well, two fellows, same group, perhaps Pakistan,
cricket-players they were, in all  their garb.
As I passed, one's phone went off  -  his
ringtone?' Telstar', an old 1960's tune;
The Tornados, 1962.

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