Saturday, May 21, 2016


I never knew what the river knew, and it
just went rolling past. Accepting that, I
let it be. There were rains and skies and
snows and winds, everything that conspired
to be. There's a soulful acceptance to life. 
My world existed in different terms : before
the birth of images and words. I was able to
merge with a tree; my own consciousness,
wondering what it was like to be a tree, 
flowed into it in a curiosity of love. I
absorbed the being of the tree, as the
tree absorbed the being it of me. It's
all beyond the understanding from
which symphonies emerge.
Language wasn't needed as I sought to
experience the river I never knew. I spread
throughout its passage, and I traveled where
it went and learned to know. The water 
became part of the man, as the man 
became part of the water.

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