Sunday, May 15, 2016


It's too late for midnight and
too early for dawn, so between 
the two there's no difference now.
Outside of Chumley's I stand and spit.
Across the way, the big lobby lamp
shines  -  some zillion dollar rental 
of a few small rooms where I should 
be. This place really should be mine.
Too narrow a passageway for bones,
nothing passes but some tenth-life
cat too late for anger and too smooth
for regret. And anyway, he's probably
just out here picking up guys for a 
cigarette. Too little, too late, 
how these things end up.
I haven't the magic for anything. I look 
for my action, any woman along the 
way could do, but there's nothing 
coming so far as this night shows.
My hands are idle, with not even
a drink. So much time. I sit
back and think.
Heidi-hi and heidi-ho; 
wherever you are, there you go.

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