Wednesday, February 24, 2016


It was said in passing : 'I never sought
doubleness.' Yet we live with duality, 
for this is a life of two things  -  for
every darkness, light; for each sorrow,
a requisite joy. Or is that not the way?
We live this life as one broken aberration - 
comforted as we are by what we choose.
There is no way back. The flesh, the mind,
the darkness. The win. The lose.
I heard the shimmering music on a Tuesday noon.
Sitting down with a passion, I listened intently;
singular in my search for something between the
notes, astride the lines, as dead of hope as a man
would be about to die for something he'd not done.
"When I tried to analyse the reason for the devastating
impression his Fifth Symphony made on me, I came to
the conclusion (alone) that its musical qualities, no
matter how great Shostakovich's efforts had made them,
were by themselves not enough to create that effect.'
A hand reached out to lift me up.
No indignation, no pressure, I went
with the flow  -  note and quality,
shadow and show.
I first heard the music on a Tuesday noon.

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