Thursday, December 3, 2015


The one guy I knew who said that, he had
to correct himself twice  -  everyone was thinking
maybe he'd meant to say commingled with 'spite.'
It didn't matter either way for me, since I already
knew what he meant. We all take our dreams and
our best wishes, and throw them down into reality's
pool  -  commingling then, yes, with spite or with
spit. You can have your pick. 
Today was the morning I awoke, and my teeth hurt.
Not a toothache pain, just a garbled ache, as if of
being in place too long. Like when your hair hurts.
Did you ever have that?
All it took was a walk in the cold rain to make
it all go away. My mind surged on, thinking how 
clean and how fresh all this rain must be. Could be? 
Commingled with what, this rain and me?

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