Saturday, October 10, 2015


I haven't seen the Halloween world inside 
you yet, but I can certainly feel its season. 
We are apt to become familiar with the idea 
of learning to live while learning to love. 
Read my books, please. I seek to create a new
gospel that all men can read and learn from, 
pick out the hints and echoes that they may. 
There is a new world under wraps, somewhere. 
It's pretty much all we hear about, as tawdry 
and without satisfaction as it seems. We find the
same singers and preachers and knaves on the 
covers clothing all the times  -  we notice a downed 
mobster coming back to haunt, some lessened version 
of a virgin heart seeking newer alms. It can all be very 
confusing, I admit, but it need not be. Watch the skies 
for signs, the major constellations, for the movement 
one should notice. Nothing makes as much sense as
each of you  -  like little flowers  -  and the idea of 
waiting for all time to come. A clueless trip is just 
like any other  -  on the road and going, well, 
somewhere.  You should, and can, learn to read
what is there if you can. Follow the lifeline.
It will lead you somewhere.

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