Saturday, October 17, 2015


I hear these pipes are clanking once again;
my old dad's water-level goes high and I've
never learned how to read that gauge correctly.
Three points high, or five and an in-between?
He would say things like that from between
clenched teeth, and I often just forgot what
he said by watching the way he said it.
All very confusing : sandy shoals on a
mist-wet shore; the tidal creep begins to
leave, men start looking at their watches 
and tide-charts, to see what bait to use and
which reel should now be in play. All that crazy
stuff confounds me always. And I'm not even
a fish -   not any more anyway, since we learned
how to crawl onto land. Trading fins for feet,
wasn't that grand!
Textbooks tell you all that anyway, but I always
wished to know which came first  -  the fins for feet
trade-off, or did we first loose gills and gather lungs to
breathe with first? See what I mean? I just can
never be satisfied.

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