Thursday, October 29, 2015


If something was asked of you, would you waver before
the light in doing a task - too genial or hapless to truly
work with determination? In looking for a few good men,
many overlook the most useful : the regular giant of a guy.
He who lifts stones and breaks obstacles with his roughened
hands - calloused and sour, fatigued with the drudgery and 
the angst of opprobrium, saddled with a shoulder of doubt.
For such is the man, alone or in groups, married or without,
who gathers at hitching post and tavern, ready for ale or a
brew, sprawling over with good intentions. Later in the night,
after the others and the all have passed, he sees blindly, double
with doubt anew. I watch him try to focus and talk straight on,
to something or someone he deems to remember. That is not a
clock upon the wall  -  it is the very life and foundation ticking
away. For so few are so steady as to be so smart. 
(And right all of the time).

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