Thursday, October 15, 2015


Mind you, my monument is only
in the superlative, you'd better
understand that first. This
wheelbarrow that I carry, anyway,
does cartwheels whenever it wishes.
If a translator came through here, a
really good one, I wonder what
he'd make of that sentence. Is there
a neutral word enough to conjure
what I mean by 'superlative' in this
sense. Does any other language carry
the force enough to get across the idea
of the wheelbarrow doing cartwheels?
You see, it's all too much, and I really
don' think it's that translatable. How and
why would they try saying I'm 'carrying'
a wheelbarrow? That's something, of
course, you're supposed to push. You see
what I mean. I'd sound like Uwe Johnson,
in one of his dry and droll and really
mixed-up East German novels from
40 years ago. Nothing so hip as the
rest of the ship  -  the East German ship
I mean, that went down on the shoals
of inertia, battered by its
own dead weight.

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