Wednesday, October 7, 2015

7261. WHITE CARNATION (at all)

(at all)
I'm wearing a white carnation? What in 
tarnation? I'm seven years old and making 
Communion? Somebody here help my please. 
I don't like this stuff at all. And why are they
trying to make me something I don't want to
be at all? They say now if I die I can go right
to Heaven? I thought that's why they Baptized 
me then, that first time around. Oh, man, if they 
only knew. But I know they don't, they don't
know at all and this is all pretend. They're 
handing me on a platter all this made-up 
blather, about lambs and Jesus and 
sacrifice and grace, just to get 
money and get to that place.

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