Sunday, October 4, 2015


I decline. I am declined, 
What declension is this? I
am drinking my Porter beer.
1881 something. They named 
it that long long ago because it
was the strong brew of choice of
porters and trainmen, street and river
porters. Can't you just love that idea?
I love this moment in time : nothing any
more surreptitious. The barmaid, Krisha,
insists on bringing me another. Can hardly
do that but would never say no. Is not that
entrapment? She's free at ten she says and
will come over to sit then she says. I say back
did she ever realize that 'ten' is just 'then' without
the 'h'. She laughs. And then she turns back, winks,
and says 'Did you ever know that 'heat' is just  'heart'
without the 'r'? Feeling so stupid and drunk, I blurt -
'Lover' is just 'louvre' without you...' Oh, God.
It's gonna' be late in New York City.

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