Saturday, October 3, 2015

7244. CHOSEN

When Wisdom takes to the floor, everyone else
stops. It's a music no one else can keep up with.
Hands flailing, even the drummer stops : he's a brash
kid about six foot four, but this is too big for him.  All
pounding cymbals of a mariachi death, the likes never
seen here before. More like on some sacrificing stone
on a mountainside in Peru, where a statue of a Christ
is there just for kicks. When Wisdom takes the floor,
everyone knows blood flows.
A soft-sided aeroplane comes sliding in; in quiet,
 no noise and no meaning either. Someone gets off 
in a long coat and a tophat. No words are spoken.
Everyone is waiting to see who will be selected.
Selected? For a death like this? Surely you jest.
The point is  -  somehow  -  the person chosen will
have been found to be the one who's been leading
the most perfect life among all those present.
What a prize for that winner  -  for sure.

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