Friday, April 8, 2016


I never know why anyone doesn't
believe. I believe in everything, literally.
All these people who say it's parable or
exaggeration or symbol or allegorical,
I can't believe them at all. They're the
ones with the bad head, the ticker-tape
parade in their brains, messing things 
up. I believe in the rocket ship, and the
burning bush. I even believe in the 
transmigration of souls, and that's a
tough one to sustain. I believe in the
elasticity of time and I believe we're
not really here at all  -  everything is
one, all illusion anyway, and nothing
matters because I don't know what 
that word is. Matters? That's one of
our words; we made it up. Matters?
Like 'matter', the stuff of the everyday
world? Consequence? Does the world
have that? What is it anyway? Well, 
what is the world then? And how
could it matter, really? Where?
Now I lay me down to sleep?
I pray the 'Lord'? my soul to
keep. Is this true? Reality
here impinges upon all
illusion shattered?

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