Saturday, March 26, 2016


I wish to be your filthy lamb, coming
off the rolling hill, where the road
comes down to nothing and the old,
burned-out Elks Hall still stands in
ruins. And where to did they ever
relocate themselves; are they the
ones now in that re-built bowling 
alley on Swarthout Road? There
used to be a girl there, she worked
later on at 'The Pancake Factory',
after she came of age. When she 
was just a little younger than that,
no one ever knew exactly what she 
was, boy or girl. It was the oddest
thing; back then, of course, not now.
She used to use the Ladies Room
so we always just called her 'she'.
The joke in high school was sexual,
yeah, of course : 'If she beats me, then
we'll see.' Ha ha. The unspoken word
in our joke was always the unsaid 'off'.
Little did we know then, either, that
a thing like that, nowadays wouldn't
matter anyway. Back then, too, in
Glee Club everyone swore she had
the highest voice.
I grew up with hot rods; we used to 
take carburetors apart, clean and 
boil the float bowls, re-jet, and fool
around with mixtures. Well, I never
saw her doing any of that. I figure
something like that's the dividing
line, for me. She's a she, and
he's a he, for sure.

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