Saturday, March 5, 2016


(all these sunfire days)
You can take this from the top down:
I'm a foul beast, guttural and cursing, I
spit back an oath. Here's the handle that
pours me out, I'm a little gut-rot, short and
stout. Cleveland to San Sebastian to New 
Haven, I'm not worth saving, and they 
don't make coupons like me anymore.
I might make a game of this useless life I'm
growing so weary of. Light a candle for
me while you're dipping for wax. Our Lady
of Perpetual Need, please meet Our Lady of
Perpetual Help. Like a domino, with two
different sides. I frequent all quarters of the
world : April and May, and June again.
The same three guys in the dog run again.
Looking at girls and talking their shit. Why
should I walk into that? My dog doesn't 
understand, and it certainly ain't no pussy
but I'm glad she brought her dog here too.
When it rains, is it always cats and dogs?
You know those two gay guys we saw on the
launch boat  -  man they were funny. Their 
clothing beat all. Looking like pastel looney-tunes,
I saw their rhythm and I knew their ways. right off.
Michael FitzHenry, and Henry FitzMichael, I bet. 
Don't you just love the water, and all these

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Martin Kloess said...

Enjoyed this thank you for sharing