Saturday, March 5, 2016


Too late to get started, the scratch of the
fire hits the flint of the air. Everything
once simple has degenerated into a new
form of complication. Even the garage
door takes ample time to think first now,
before sliding open. 
Here is where the lama sat. He was a holy
man for sure, but he left a stain on the seat.
Why's that? I wonder, and what was in his
tea? These are all thoughts I have, with some
regularity, about celebrities. Not you or me.
So, any time the doorbell rings it could 
be anyone at all. And I've never had a 
doorbell before, in all my life. I just realized 
that. But it must stay simple : oh man I 
remember how I hated those rich, pretentious 
types, the ones with the multi-toned doorbells 
that took about ten seconds to run through their
tune. Or the ones that played a song.  I was gone
 before I was there, and that wasn't long.

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