Sunday, October 23, 2016


When I prepared for the worse, things only
got better. How's that go again?  Even the
weeping willow stops crying on that one.
This room is full of perps. Like the cops
always say to loiterers, 'If you're not
here with a purpose, then to us you're 
a perp.' I don't like that kind of reasoning
at all. Deductive, or Inductive either
way it's not so instructive. Just leave
it go at that. The coffee's done, by
accident. Do you drink that stuff
after midnight? Isn't there some
sort of rule about that? That ladle
girl just sent me a picture; she's 
dancing, and singing along, with
some friends. At a club somewhere
down south. It's really cool now,
how people all do so many
newly different things.

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