Saturday, October 15, 2016


Right now we are rushing to the
boat with a flagrant dedication, 
wanting to lose nothing, let alone
time. These tides are treacherous
things, changing before you know,
catching you unawares, too spiked
in a maritime labor to remember
to beware. So, above all else, be
mindful of what you do, and when.
I have always hated rejection, but
oh, I've had my share. Nameless
reactions and shameless retractions;
things not said, I swear! They come 
back like a ton of bricks to haunt,
if bricks could ever haunt and not
just hurt. Two punches to the head
for the price of one. Be alert!
Every boat I've ever seen leaves
traces on its hull of where it's been:
that sea of coral, which scratches.
That seaweed muck, that turns to
slime;the sandbar, which rips
open the bottom of where
you are standing.

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