Thursday, October 13, 2016


To all indications, Christopher Columbus was
a zealot : he divided the world into two. But
his ships were three and his efforts were four,
and they were ever but all he could do. Any 
modern world would not abide the man. A
mistake is one thing, but a deceitful error
by which to change the world, that's another.
I think we should give him a day.
Yay, yay, yay. Columbus sailed green seas
with Mary and Jesus, he ate crackers on the
limb of his ship : as he arrived, and claimed
a new world, the old one withered and died.
Now Mary Jane Withers is coming forth.
She claims a new fever and seeks a warm 
cloth. I went to the doctor, he said he was
a priest. The priest said he was a doctor.
They both disowned their own protestations.
Give allowance, give allowance, for something.
I want to sing a poem for all the world to hear :
Ministry on mountaintops. Let it all be clear.

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