Tuesday, June 28, 2016

8346. DR. MAX

I am caught up in duct tape
and can't move a thing. My arms
are behind my head, my feet are
ringed like a donut. If this is
torture, I am insipid. You've
read me all the scripture lines
you say I should know about   -
the meek inheriting the Earth, 
that 'don't look back' thing and 
the pillar of salt, the prodigal 
son bit, the plague and the 
locusts. It's all over the place,
this is  -  all that anxiety and
fearsome angst. And then
they part the Red Sea like
they were parting Rachel's
hair. You want me to wail 
and pray to this? Dr. Max,
I'm all twisted, and I
need to be fixed.

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