Thursday, June 9, 2016


Down by Wall Street, I was
supping with Don. The people
walking by kept looking over.
'They must think you're some
secular saint, like the guy who 
invented Cheerios, or something.'
I wasn't keen on that, but I let it
go. These were people from Kansas
and Indiana, the kind that take 
four days to drive here and then
stay five, to drive home again.
faster. A number of them had
little kids  -  South Street Seaport
junk hanging from all their ears 
and noses. A real bunch of factoids,
they were. I wanted to ask about
harlequins and wizards, I wanted
to see their Moms, I wanted to be
near something warm. But the
whole world was invented for diet
and death  -  and there was nothing
to be done about that, at all. Some 
supple radiance of understanding
rules the universe. You just need
to know where to look to find it.

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