Monday, June 6, 2016


I generally don't tell people
how I'm feeling, because,
generally I'm not feeling.
Anything. At. All. It's a 
pose, I suppose. Like an
Andy Warhol Chinese
general in pajamas at 
the foot of the bed.
Have you heard the one 
about the guy who goes to 
sleep and just refuses to wake
up because he swears he's 
dreaming life and doesn't want
it to end, just in case he's not?
Now there's a conundrum for you.
Like me, one time I went somewhere
and, after I got there, I went inside, for
like 40 minutes, but had forgotten to
turn off the car. This is true. I was 
looking everywhere for the keys.
Then I neared the car, to peer in
and see if I'd left them in the ignition,
and I thought to myself, feeling the
warmth of the car, 'hmmm, this car's 
throwing a lot of heat.' And then I
got alongside it, and realized it was
running. Wow, what a feeling was that.
You see that one above, about the 
sleeping guy? There's a trick to that
sentence I hope you got. He doesn't want
to wake, 'cause if he is then he's not.
But if he's not, then he is?
Or. Something.
Like. That.

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