Thursday, June 9, 2016

8255. WHAT D'YA GOT?

It goes this way : your doctor died
before giving you the diagnosis.
Talk about being up you-know-what's
creek without a paddle? How's that?
What d'ya got?
Out behind the woodshed, along the
wooded path to the Parks Service's hut,
they had this girl tied up. She was
about to be arrested. 'Yeah', she said,
'I'm about to be arrested. That's all
I'm about. What d'ya got?'
Carmine, the guy who drives that
Lancer, he's always singing some
Ukrainian tunes. I get sick of hearing
him, but he just goes on. I tell him,
'You sound so sick, I want to always
ask : what d'ya got, and will it pass?'

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