Wednesday, June 22, 2016


Everything new at the Rambling Cafe
goes to the good of the geste. All those
faiths together; all those people trying
to but do good. Feeding the hungry until
they're no longer so doesn't help the
definition of the hungry itself, but
perhaps things change some because
of it. I cannot make sense of this
walk : I amble along the street,
just looking at things without
any definition. Like that guy
I met once, in Bangor, PA.
Nothing to it, my car was
broke down. In the middle
of a million nowheres.
He saw my Princeton
cap, believe that, and,
having just graduated, 
came over to give me
a ride, on a very
hot day.
Just like him, I ended up
believing in something.
A faith in weird moments.
A presemce of Mankind
together somehow.
I was in town, that day,
and I told him the truth,
to look at an old church
that was for sale; I really
loved the old building.

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