Saturday, November 26, 2016


He races cars fast 'round some
oval; never stops talking about
thrills and the rest of that engine
slop. The King of Fossil Fuels.
I watched him once, at had to
be 160, just speeding down that
straightaway not a care like in
the world. He said the surface
'was hard and dry, means fast, 
but always up ahead, remember,
the wall, the slight rise, and the
turn. So you've gotta' roll down,
in time, get back to maybe 110 
or 20, for the turn anyway and 
then hit it again. Hard. The lights
are on and they all call 'green'.
Means go. See. Go.' I liked the
silly way he talked. He said,
'I like to tease. I tell people,
I'm not a racist, I just like
Nascar. Most of the time,
these boys always get it. It's
the outsiders who don't get
the point. We can joke about
it now, 'cuz we ain't got no
trees to do hanging. HA!
See, that was a joke too.'

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