Wednesday, November 9, 2016


I've always been in some
fairly simple kind of
'love' with the world,
in the sense of being
enamored of and attuned
to the 'way' things all fit;
the ideas of shape and
form; the physical
manifestations of what
objects represent, their
dimensionality and
place in the order. It's
got a lot to do with an
'Art' viewpoint, I do
realize that  -  my mind
and eye have always
been drawn to the 
'lineaments of desire,'
as William Blake out it
about the reality of the
physical world around 
us. What we seek is
Oneness. Conjoining 
ourselves to the spatial,
vision-world, we see. It's
what gives meaning to 
our lives  - an old fence, 
falling over on itself, 
broken and split like
the forgotten barn-door
next to it on the big, old
building in ruins that its
connected to in  turn.
Circles and squares, 
arcs and voids, light
and shadow, they all
fit; running together
into their own 'One.' 
That's what the world 
is, and how we see it
and how we live 
amidst and within
it, as well. I caught
that drift, very
early on.
You know how in the
very earliest Greek
Olympics and marathons,
the contestants ran and
participated naked  -  there
are reasons for things we
are never taught. I'll tell
you this now, right up
front and forward. The
games were in Olympia,
776 BC. We're never told
this stuff, instead being
fed myths and fantasies,
in their terms (the 'adults'
and teachers) who really
ought to know better.
They end up believing
their own versions of the
most outrageous myths
and fantasies but cover
all that by calling it
biblical and religious
and inspired and  -
in point of fact - 'written'
by God. Absolutely
preposterous. Their
version of 'Pre-History
(before the time of what
their own mythology
covers) is called
'mythology', primitive
fantasy, the beliefs and
formats of archaic Mankind. 
Yeah, sure. That's just 
meant to dismiss it.
You see, if you go right
 there to, say, Genesis 6,
it ill tell you quite clearly
that all this happened,
that Gods came down
to Earth, intermingled
and having sexual congress
and  offspring with
Earth-women. It's all
left out, past that mention,
because it doesn't fit their
'narrative' of what you are
fed to believe. And that's
OK; whatever makes
them happy. However,
it doesn't change the
reality of the facts and
of what occurred. Those
first Olympiads (root of
the worm gymnasium, etc.
is the Greek word 'naked'),
were run naked so that
judges and spectator could
be sure that the contestants
they were viewing were
humans,  had human sexual
characteristics, and were
not God-figures (which is
just a human term for the
extra-terrestrial 'Gods' who
had come down and mixed
and intermingled with the
humans. They had their
frisky side, and were prone
to foibles and quarrels and 
all sorts of funny issues; like 
trying to run, and win, 
Marathons and pass
themselves off as Humans,
and, as the Bible says, they
sure did like our Human
women too! Just like
us! Remember 'we shall
(let us) make Man in
our image...' Anyway,
that's why this occurred.
It's all proven and scholarly
fact, but you'll never hear
this in Sixth Grade, when
supposedly you're 'learning'
or being taught, all about
the ancient history of
The human body fits in
space. Pretty perfectly. So
much so that I'd bet both
space and Humanity, our
own Creaturehood, were 
made at the same time,
or at least with one of the
two always in mind of the
other, at the basic time-spot
of Creation's inception.
Like a grand hymn, or a
perfect chord, a presence
and a sound with each 
note perfectly tolling.
All the shortcomings of
Mankind, I noticed, as a
kid  -  living on a new, 
straight block filled with
nothing but the squares 
and cubes of linear and
engineered new construction,
that every effort of mankind
was at work trying to
perfect the shortcomings 
of Creation's perfect fit,
in our ill-fitting world.
A pale second to a naked,
sublime, and perfectly
harmonious and silent,
God's touch. The touch
that ran all creation.

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